Restaurants: Eat At The Nest.

This past weekend Connor & I had a great Saturday morning hanging with my younger sister (Imahny). In recent years it has kind of become a tradition of ours to get together every few weeks (along with my mom) on Saturday mornings to talk & have breakfast. This time we met at an awesome local eatery (that Imahny actually introduced me to) called The Nest – “A Breakfast Joint”.

Connor, Imahny, The Nest

Known for its amazing breakfast food & eclectic, young vibe, The Nest is a breakfast only “store front” restaurant located in Bellflower, Ca. It’s a diamond in the rough inconspicuously sandwiched between a “mom & pop” home appliance store & a hair salon. And if it weren’t for the the line of customers (almost always) outside of its doors you most likely would never notice it driving by on Alondra Blvd. But let me tell you, it is well worth the wait!! The food is fun, fresh, and unique with some great original dishes & some yummy spins on some classic ones!

I guess now would be the best time to tell you guys that I’m actually not a “Breakfast person” – ha! So when I say that they have a great menu I say it also because they have captured the heart of someone like my husband, who LOVES breakfast, and someone like me who is “not so much” into it. My favorites dishes are the Shrimp & Grits, they make the BEST cheese grits!! (Second only to my father-in-law’s homemade grits, lol!) topped with bits of bacon, caramelized onion & green onion; And the Custard French Toast! It’s amazing! — Thick sweet brioche bread topped with sliced almonds & fruit or with orange zest & a coffee infused whipped cream!

Imahny, like my husband is a more traditional breakfast diner so she ordered the Breakfast Poutine (Homefries topped with sausage gravy, cheddar cheese & a fried egg). And for little Miss Sunshine (Connor) the kids menu is also wonderful! (Which is a big deal for me because I’m kind of a self proclaimed kids menu snob! Lol!!) Her favorites here are the Silver Dollar Pancakes, fruit, eggs & turkey sausage. Are you guys hungry yet?!

I love it because it's like Apple Cidar


Lastly, the despite the wait times & cozy seating arrangements, The Nest also has exceptional customer service! The co-owners have thoughtfully placed movie trivia games & hot coffee in the waiting area and a seemingly endless supply of utensils & napkins waiting at every table. They are family friendly & have even come through a time (or two) with a rushed kids meal when we’ve showed up with with a “hangry” toddler on our hands!
I really could go on & on about this place! — Everything from the iced coffee Mojito’s that seem to be very popular, to #MichaelJacksonMonday’s (where they stream nothing but MJ throughout the restaurant the whole day), to the cool conversation piece decor… So, yeah! Just go #EatAtTheNest!!

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  1. Now you are making me want to go. Hubby and I will have to try it one day. I’m not even a huge shrimp person but those grits look A-MAZE-ING!! Thanks for sharing!

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