Finding my Style + THE BROAD Museum

A couple of weeks ago my oldest sister made an observation about my style that made me chuckle a bit and it has kind of stuck with me since. She said, “You never match! But you still look cute! lol!” And she figured she’d give the no matching thing a little try that Sunday for church. — She looked super cute that day btw! 😉

But it’s true!  I’ve always felt more comfortable and relaxed in motif’s that mix or coordinate rather than match. And naturally that is how I put together outfits for Connor too. But I’ve also been thinking lately about how my style personifies my temperment, interests and lifestyle. And as I am entering my late 20’s I feel like I have finally found a happy medium between all three. A juxtaposition that hasn’t been easy to discover because I am both a thinker and a creative. What do I mean by this? That last statement can easily be summed up with the following facts about me: I like books as much as movies, museums as much as being outdoors, and classical music as much as I like reggae. Some days I’m SO into neutral pieces like Kanye & Kim K, and its all about the black, white, gray, denim or blush! (Yes! denim & blush are neutrals in my book!) And other days I’m rocking two different prints at the same time with an afro like Solange Knowles! ha! And for whatever reason in the past I was obsessed about being one or the other instead of embracing both. That is until now of course…

These days I am embracing both and it has been so liberating! I’m feeling much more comfortable in the skin that I am in, as divergent and eclectic as my interest may seem to be! I think approaching my thirties and becoming a mom has definitely had something to do with this as well. And getting out and exploring more of the beautiful things and people around me has been a major motivation to letting go of those inhibitions as well.

Here’s a peek into our recent family trip to The Broad art museum in downtown Los Angeles. Fun, artistic and cool was the look of the day for Connor & I. And after our visit to the museum we popped next door to the Walt Disney Concert Hall  and took in some of the beautiful views from the rooftop garden and had a small picnic in the mini-park nearby.

IMG_0166 IMG_0012IMG_0002IMG_0305IMG_0040IMG_0062IMG_9971IMG_9981IMG_9959 IMG_9987 IMG_0052IMG_9969 IMG_9948

*The Walt Disney Concert Hall


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Connor’s Outfit: Headband: Target // Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Carters // Shoes: Mini-Melissa

My Outfit: Necklace: Sophia & Kate // Top: Target // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: Steve Madden

Stoller: Chicco Liteway Plus

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