Recap of Our Summer Sixteen Adventures + The Huntington Library

Wow! This has surely been a Summer for the books!  Our little family visited 5 Museums, 2 Botanical Gardens, The Zoo, The O.C. Fair, and a couple of other local adventures in between! Yes! We got out a lot this summer! And looking back It has definitely been one of my favorites in recent years because of the amount of family time we were able to have together. Few people know this but before Connor was born it had actually been a couple of years since Hubby and I shared the same weekend days, so we are definitely taking advantage of my schedule as a Stay At Home/Work From Home mom now! Of course every summer won’t be as adventurous (or maybe it will!), or I may not always have this kind of schedule with such flexibility, but reflecting back on all the things we did this summer makes me proud! Not just because of all the places we can say we have experienced but because I think it says a lot about the type of people we are: Ever-Learning and wanting to find and enjoy the beauty that is around us. Traits that both K and I were taught from a young age camping, traveling to different countries, going to music festivals, museums and being exposed to different cultures. And it also proves that you don’t need a lot of money to find activities that the whole family can enjoy. Here’s why we hope to pass the same wanderlust heart down to Connor and how it has impacted us a individuals and as a couple.

It teaches the following valuable life skills:

  • An appreciation from nature, your surroundings, and the environment
  • A greater understanding your city, state, and it’s history
  • That learning doesn’t start and stop once you enter/exit the classroom. (Making a decision to be a life-long learner has so many benefits)
  • To value experiences and not just things
  • Exposure to other cultures, ways of thinking, and living
  • Not to be afraid to try new experiences, foods, and past-times
  • To be kind-hearted, empathic, and a well-rounded individual
  • To elevate ourselves beyond the status quo
  • To savor life

And of course we aren’t stopping now that the Summer is coming to an end! Much more family time and adventures planned for this fall, after all, this is what Living Life Kelley is all about! And our goal for 2017 is to do more traveling abroad, as a couple and as a family!

Here’s a little peak into our visit to the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, California earlier this Summer. It’s a sprawling and spacious place created by a man who loved and appreciated the beauty of the California Landscape, Art, and World Literature. We were there for hours and barely scratched the surface! We also happened to visit on one of the hottest days of the Summer but still had a wonderful time! We can’t wait to visit again!




















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