Living Authentically – 5 Small But Mighty Goals for 2017

It’s a new year and as is customary there is much talk about “Resolutions”.  And while I’m not so much into the commercialism of making New Year resolutions, (i.e. waiting until Jan 1 to work on loosing weight, start a new business, or being more consistent about working towards a personal goal),  I truly do like the idea of a new year bringing a fresh new start. For me it’s always been a welcomed relief to get back to work, routine, and goal settings after being distracted during the holiday season. And it’s pretty cool to have a symbolic clean slate and areas of new motivation.

2016 was such a fulfilling year for me. And for 2017 I would like to continue living just as fulfilled and living even more authentically, the way I want to live, and in purpose. With that being said here’s some small but mighty (and practical) life goals I have going into 2017:


That’s right! – Pin, as in Pinterest More! Pinterest is such a great collection of ideas and inspiration. It’s an amazing tools for planning, designing, creating, and  cataloging everything! And as a blogger and a small business owner it can also be an invaluable tool. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest in the year or two before my daughter was born, and it was actually very therapeutic for me since being an introvert I often feel like a sponge. My goal is to tap more into this resource personally and for business at least 1 -2 times per week. I think it help remind me all of my goals and the visions I have for certain projects.

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I also did a lot more of this before my daughter was born🙂 And let’s face it! She’s not an infant anymore, so theirs no excuse! lol!  It’s not one of my favorite things to do, I enjoying learning new recipes and putting together quality meals for my family. And eating out regularly gets so boring and monotonous after while. (Not to mention the dent it puts in my budget). I know that just by committing to do a little more planning, and eating at home more days out of the week then not, the quality of our meals will improve.


I do consider myself to be a pretty well read individual. And I absolutely love curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book! But lately toddler books, online news, articles, and entertainment stories make up the bulk of my reading. eek! — Over the holidays (by the encouragement of my husband) I picked up and read my first novel in about two years! And I remembered all the things I’ve been missing out on. Currently putting together a list of 12 books (one per month) I would like to read this year! Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments 🙂


This is actually something new I want to tap more into this year! In recent months, with the start of my own business, I realize that I enjoy creating my own versions of things that I want to buy. And just in the sort time of being a entrepreneur, I have a greater appreciation of being a creator as well as a consumer. And it feels good to conceptualize, plan, work at, and create an artistic project from start to finish. Currently creating a pin board of some of the projects and local diy workshops I want to attend in 2017.

Already got a great start on 3 DIY projects, including these cotton and mud cloth pillow covers,  last week! *All the heart eyes*


And last, but certainly not least, I want to fitness more! (I’m pretty sure this phrase isn’t a thing. lol!) but I think you catch my drift! — I want to continue working on making fitness a lifestyle for my family and I this year. And quietly frankly I just want to get back into some of my favorite jeans! ha! I’m not obsessed with weight loss but I would like to workout more because it’s a great stress relief and it’s good for me. My goal is to be more health conscious overall and 50% of this battle for me will be solved by eating/cooking at home more. Hear’s to getting to my booty in the gym (i.e. pulling out some of my fav Shaun T. videos, and hoping on our in home treadmill) at least 3 times a week this year. This is a modest yet realistic start for me.

What are some things you would like to work at in 2017 to help you live more authentically and in purpose?

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