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There are so many wonderful things to be found via Pinterest & Instagram. Handmade dolls, for me, has one of them. And by “for me”, (clears throat) – I mean for my daughter of course (wink, wink). And by currently loving, I mean completely, utterly, gushing over them! As you may have read in my previous post about minimalist toys, I’m not big on commercialized, super girly toys for Connor. But I did have a beloved doll growing up and wanted her to have the same if she chooses. I love that these modern handmade dolls are artistic, unique, and give me a great reason to continue to support/shop small.

A lit bit ago I purchased a handmade doll from one of my favorite Instagram/small shops: Me-Cháris, and we have been enjoying Connor’s doll ever since.


There is just something about Connor having her hands on a doll that represents a simpler way of life & very classic way of play.

The mama behind this brand is so skilled and talented it’s amazing! And I love the wide range of skin tones (from dark chocolate brown to light beige) and the trendy outfits she features with her dolls. #RepresentationMatters


Funny story about what Connor has named her doll. The day we received it in the mail I was wearing an almost identical outfit (peach/salmon color shirt, light blue denim jeans, and my hair down and curly). So she aptly name her “My Mommy”. ha! I hope she continues to enjoy her for many years to come and as much as she does now.

*These dolls do sell out super fast, so I would advise for you to sign up for the Me-Cháris mailing list and follow along on their instagram to stay up to date on new doll releases. The owner/creator also takes custom orders from time to time as well.

Here are a couple of other handmade/unique doll shops I have also been crushing on online as well:

Elizabeth & Elias –

Little Miss Tippy Toes –

Filome Luna –

I do hope this inspires you to find one for a special little in your life.

Take Care & Enjoy!



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