Currently Loving: Life in Play Co. Tassel Tote

I’ve come to realize that I’m a complex girl with a simple style. I love modern, clean lines, and being a California native, naturally I have a relaxed sense of style. I find myself searching for the same cognac or black bag leather bag, neutral tee or blouse, and good quality denim jeans. And although that used to bother me about myself before, now, that I’m almost 30 I’m okay with it! In fact, I love it! Occasionally  you’ll see me add pops of color & a few frills, but at my core, I’m into basics!

So imagine my delight when I received this Leather Tassel Tote from Life in Play Co. a couple of weeks ago!  Life in Play is the same company that makes the Tote Savvy & Tote Savvy Mini I’ve raved about here before! And since this time last year, it’s a brand I’ve had the pleasure of being a Brand Ambassador for. It’s a title I wear (no pun intended!) with pride because of the functional, yet stylish products, they make with moms in mind! And their new Tassle Tote is no exception!

Here’s what I love about it:

  • The size: I’m the type of girl that feens over a good oversized bag! And the Tassel Tote is the perfect “Throw everything in but the kitchen sink” sort of purse/weekender. (It was perfect for Connor & I’s one night getaway at the Great Wolf Lodge last weekend!) And day-to-day, it’s been perfect for storing my planner, laptop, & goodies for Connor.

* I received this product for free for purposes of review. However, all opinions are my own*

  • The Leather: It comes in such beautiful leather with an amazingly soft suede interior!
  • It’s Customizable: This bag can be worn over the shoulder, as a messenger bag, or as a backpack! All straps needed for these conversions are included.

  • It’s ToteSavvy/Organizer Friendly: duh! Right?! Lol! But it’s also nice to know that at anytime I can pack our full size Tote Savvy or the mini into this bag and make it even more organized.

  • The Details: I so appreciate the Life in Play finished this bag with such awesome details. It’s has thick silver hooks & loops, and such a cute Leather Tassel! These are all the small, simple, & quality ingredients I adore in a good every day bag!

Good Job Life in Play! Here’s some other gorgeous bags on Pinterest I’ve been crushing on lately too!

What’s your go-purse/bag? Do share in the comments below!

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P.S. I’ve giving away a Free Life in Play Co. Bottle Bag (great for storing breastmilk and formula) + Life In Play Co. Changing Mat to one lucky winner! Follow me on Instagram for all the details on how to enter to win!

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