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My journey to becoming an entrepreneur is much like my journey to becoming a Stay At Home Mom. It’s all taken place completely unplanned (at least on my end), and I’m still a little hestitant to talk about it because I still can’t believe it! But in the past few months a few of my hobbies, turned side-hustles, are now full blown business’ (yes! Plural!) And there’s no place I’d rather be! Okay, well some times [read: just about every 24 hrs!] I’m thinking there are easier places to be, like in an office punching a time clock. Ha! But as itchy, & sometimes uncomfortable, being an entrepreneur is (hey! I’m just keeping it all the way real here!), I have the feeling it’s exactly where I’m SUPPOSED to be in this season in my life. And that is absolutely where I want to be! 

The Rewards

It’s also where I want to be because I’m blessed to say it hasn’t been all guts & no glory!! Making money on my own for the past year has been incredibly empowering!! And for as long as I’ve known myself I tend to unintentionally travel roads less traveled. There is nothing more rewarding, and motivating than using your own hands, talent, & intellect, to create a product & service and see a direct return! —  It’s worth every single bump in the road along this unexpected path. And even though I’m still navigating this new role, I know everything I’ve learned about myself, becoming a wife & mom, and all the skills I’ve honed the past 10 years, have prepared me. 

As with any job, I know that all of the days as an entrepreneur won’t be magical. And there are so many things that I am learning about business. But I am so encouraged by the reception I have already experienced from my family, peers, and new clients. It takes much focus, discipline & tenacity to be your own boss, but I am so here for the challenge! 

Flexibility & Growth

I consider myself to be an “accidental entrepreneur” because I thought craving a structured, routine, and predictable work environment meant it wasn’t for me. But now I also see how these personality traits often work toward my advantage as a business owner, consultant, and creative. I feel like I have finally found my sweet spot in life, and a place where I put ALL of my passions (both technical and artistic) to use. And in the coming months I’ll be sharing more about how ‘Living Life Kelley’ is expanding and growing. Being in business for myself the past two years (as a blogger, photographer, and creator of Granaway) has began to propel me deeper into this world of social media, web development, and personal branding. And most of all It has granted me flexibility, the ability to have meaningful work outside of a traditional office environent, and to be able to work on my own terms.

I also can’t help but look back over the past year as a lifestyle and “Mommy Blogger” and see how it has helped mold and prepare me for this new role. I have fallen in love with being able to be home with my daughter (now part-time) while earning income, capturing candid and meaningful moments for myself and others, and creating content for some wonderful brands. And honestly, it is through working with so many great companies (big & small) that I have the confidence to embark on such an endeavor. It has taught me so much about the power of social media, marketing, how to network, and the essentials to personal and business branding. And although now, in many ways, I am on the other side of the table (as a small business), I feel like it has given me such an advantage. 

Lastly, Early on in my motherhood journey, I remember feeling so motivated and enamored by all of the moms on social media who have invented things, created communities, and bomb businesses. Little did I know, that’s because motherhood often beacons it, requires it, and prepares you for it! And that I would one day be amongst those amazing ranks! Thank you all for following along and supporting me on this journey! I have a feeling there is so much more to come! 

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