Spending Time With The Ones I Love Most This Spring

One of my favorite things about Spring is the absolutely perfect weather! Living in “Sunny Southern California” I am in fact spoiled! — we have pretty nice weather all year long. But there is just something about the not-too-hot, not-to-cold temperatures of Spring that excite me and bring me out of any type of winter rut. Queue all the brunches, holidays outdoors, dinners al Fresca (one of my absolute favorite things to do), and give me all the excuses to spend time with my little family in the spring sun.

And now more than ever, our family time is savored. Since transitioning into working for myself (& Connor starting preschool), we don’t have as much free time to spend as a family as we did before. Starting & maintaining a business is exciting, but very time consuming, and everyday is usually pretty hectic. So we make family time a priority on our weekends, and there is often less time to fret over what to wear.

So we are currently crushing on all things of quality, simplicity, and versatility. And I must say, hubby’s new Conway watch from JORD surely fits the bill!  


My husband is a watch-man to say the least! — (He has about ten amazing timepieces right now). And he was so excited to receive this new one because its unique and timeless design. As some of you may remember, I posted about receiving my first JORD watch last fall. And to this day it still remains a great staple in my wardrobe.

We don’t do the “his & hers” thing very often, but this is one instance I totally don’t mind being twinsies with my man. He (like me) is a big fan of nude, so his dark sandalwood Conway watch is a nice match with his skin-tone and goes with EVERYTHING.

I also love that my husband’s JORD comes in a beautiful oversized wood box (I’m actually slightly jealous of all the pomp & circumstance that comes with the men’s watches), complete with cleaning cloth, natural finishing oil, and a cool storage drawer. Don’t you just love when functionality meets fashion? I know I do!

So be it a coveted family day, a daddy daughter date, or a day for random errands, we are relishing  in the sweet & simple lately. Spending time with them and seeing their matching smiles is one of the things that brightens my week. And I’m glad he has this new accessory to brighten his.

GIVEAWAY! JORD is currently giving away a FREE Conway watch! The winner will be given a code that they will use at check out to get the free Conway and everyone who enters and does not win will receive a $25 gift code and 15% off a Conway watch using my code: “livinge7znwg” . Just click here for more details and to enter this awesome contest ending 4/30/17.

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Wooden Wristwatch

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