7 Dope places to Brunch in Los Angeles, Long Beach & The OC

It’s officially brunching season & with a holiday weekend upon us, any excuse to spend a little extra time out and about is bae. There’s nothing sweeter than fresh food and dining in places with fun & trendy vibes. And although three-day weekends are great for inviting people over and throwing some food on the grill, they are also a fine time to try new places to dine.

Hubby and I have tons of little spots we like to frequent around town –eateries with fun, fresh, and unique cuisine that have become our babies. Some are large, and others are qaint. Some are chains & some are truly one of a kind. They are coveted and we don’t like to talk about them TOO much because we don’t want them to become overcrowded. lol! — But of course, in true blogger fashion I must share. What’s the beauty of a “best kept secret” if you can’t tell a few people right?

So as you let your hair down a little bit this weekend, spend some extra time with family and dear friends, by all means treat yo self to one of these dope places to Brunch in LA (The Southbay), Long Beach, & the OC. You’ll be glad you did come the following work day!

Grits (Fullerton, Ca)

I guess it’d be appropo for me to start off this little list with one of the most recent gems we’ve found: Grits – Fullerton! If visiting three times in the past few weeks is any indication of our love for this place, I’d say we are in “very strong like”!

Grits Fullerton is a cozy craft kitchen located in downtown Fullerton, Ca. It’s tasty, unique, & no-nonsense menu is what makes it stand out in my mind. And although they do make 3 types of Grits (Traditional, Jalepeño Cheddar, & Maple Brown sugar) some of the dishes I’ve enjoyed most on the menu are the Almond Brittle French Toast, Thai Jalapeño Waffles (think sweet & spicy!), & The BBQ brisket sandwich! Family fav’s also include the Chilaquiles, Herb French Fries, The Breakfast Burrito, and old fashioned bacon & eggs! And the mimososa’s aren’t too shabby either!


Friend Chicken Thai Waffle Stack

Almond Brittle French Toast, Bacon, Eggs, Biscuit, Grits
As a final note, this is not a place you should visit  if you really can’t deal with “no substitions”. At first we were taken aback by Grits unwillingness to change up meals, but in hindsight, it’s totally for good reason! The menu takes you out of your comfort zone in an effort to introduce your palette to fun and amazing flavor profiles! Totally making you a believer, reeling you in, and inviting you back for more fun. Slow Clap Grits -Fullerton! slow clap!

For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://gritsfullerton.com

Green Door by Intelligentsia  (Carson, Ca) 

The Green Door Cafe is also a newbie in our brunch repertoire. A dear family friend told me about this place for lunch & I was delighted when we visited for the first time a couple of months ago. Now this is definitely not a place you’d want to visit if you are looking for a heavy, traditional style/diner breakfast, but it’s GOOD food (looks good & caters to the health counscious!) and it’s totally “Instagram worthy”!

Matcha Green Tea Latte, Ham & Veggie Quiche, Guac Toast, Chai Latte
This a great place to come during a week day to get some work done (think chic, over-sized, coffee-shop) or for a quick bite to eat with some friends on the weekend. It’s breakfast menu features an extensive “Brew Bar” (coffee/teas), Nutella & Guac toast, quiche, salad, sandwiches, quesadillas & wraps. And we can’t forget about the amazing selection of (vegan, gluten free, traditional style) donuts & pressed juices!

Gluten-Free, Vegan , Regular Donuts
Still can’t believe this little gem exists right in the heart of the South Bay! Well done Green Door!

For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://greendoor.coffee/welcome

Fuego/Hotel Maya (Long Beach, Ca) 

This next place is the definition of Hastag ‘Brunching So Hard’!  Fuego restaurant is quite literally a destination within itself –  it is located inside of the Hotel Maya (a boutique hotel by Double Tree – Hilton).  The restaurant hotel is elaborately decorated with Mayan & Latin inspired decor and is easily accessibly to guests of the hotel as well as to the public. (We’ve visited as both within the last couple of years!) Remember these pics from my bday last year?

Okay! So let’s get in to all the dets about this brunch! Fuego serves breakfast, lunch & dinner daily but has an a-mazing Sunday brunch! It is on the pricier side for adults (you pay a flat fee on Sundays) but included is a seafood, fruit/pastries, and desert buffet, a taco station, live music, great drinks & a gorgeous ocean view!

Fruits, Juices, Pastries & Cheese are included.

All you can eat seafood buffet
Sit inside the dining room or outside on the water
This Brunch is definitely at the top of my birthday wishlist again this year!

For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://hotelmayalongbeach.com/fuego-restaurant/

The Nest  (Bellflower, Ca) 

Remember when I blogged about this place in my very first blog post here? This is STILL one of our favorite breakfast spots (mainly because all they serve is breakfast) & their service is so great! The Shrimp & Grits is still my fav’s but they also have a great poutine, chilaquiles, and a bomb orange zest & coffee French toast! This is a great place to come for a fun yet heartier brunch!

Orange Zest & Coffee French Toast, Shrimp & Grits, Scrambled eggs

Final note: Be prepared to wait a little to grab a table at this place (especially during traditional breakfast times). But no fear, they’ve got a little entertainment onsite for you as you wait 🙂 Movie Trivia, or sidewalk chalk play anyone? We’ll be flying back real soon The Nest!

For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://eatnest.com

Crema Cafe (Seal Beach, Ca) 

Have a lazy Sunday by the beach in mind? The Creme Cafe is located on Main St. just walking distance from the Seal Beach pier! Come here for super fresh & delectable breads, pasteries, and coffee (during the week). And for a full service yummy Brunch on Sunday’s until 3pm.

Croissant Donut
I must say, The Crema Cafe is one of two places that actually knows hows to make my Spiced Chai Latte just right! I also love their rustic/artisan approach to classic breakfast dishes. Their menu features everything from Cornbeef, to Tofu Scrambles, Crepes, Smoked Salmon Bagels, as well as waffles. Grab a good bite to eat here and then enjoy shopping at all the nearby beach boutiques or a day at the beach.

All the feels over this throwback of Connor one of the first times we were there.
For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://cremacafe.com

Great Maple (Torrance, Ca)

So this next one might actually surprise you! Great Maple is a fairly new ‘farm to table’ style restaurant at the Del Almo Mall in Torrance. (They also have locations in San Diego & Newport beach). This posh spot is so luxurious and beautiful! I love that the restauranteur has spared no expense on the gold and marble elements (even the bathroom is super swanky!) and the food is definitely something to write home about. Dine inside the glamours main dining room/bar or Al La Fresca on the relaxing patio.

Throughout the week come here for uber tasty and fresh quiche, salads, burgers, and fish. (Desert is also a must!) And on the weekends you should definitely pop by for their Brunch! They do presentation and plating so right! And they absolutely nail cult classics like Brioche French Toast, Maple Bacon Donuts, and Beignets! Also notable on the menu are their pancakes, a wide variety of egg scrambles, and some unique BBQ breakfast popovers.

Blueberry Pancakes
Brisket + Spinach Quiche, Garden Salad
Maple Bacon Donuts
For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://thegreatmaple.com

Rosecoes Chicken & Waffles (Los Angeles, Long Beach & Anaheim, Ca)

Last but certainly not least, if you haven’t already you must give Roscoes Chicken & Waffles a try! It’s a tourist fav so as a California native I had already made up my mind that it was overrated! Ha! But the fried chicken & waffles are good! I like to get the ‘Obama Special’ (3 wings & a waffle) & hubby likes the fried chicken omelet.

It’s a great place place to come after a late night/early morning on the town or traditional brunch times. Do yourself a favor when you go too! – Get an order of fries & one of their fun orange juice/lemonade drinks!

Sorry! Not to many fancy pics of us eating here! This food is enaled almost instantly! Lol!

For restaurant hours and more details visit: http://www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com/

So which if these are you brunching at this weekend?

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