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​It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a style post here for Connor. And that’s because, well, LIFE! And we’ve just been focusing on a lot of other things lately. But it really is something I enjoy doing, being her stylist that is. And although she’s become a bit more involved in the process lately (read: very opinionated about wearing certain items & colors), and she’s in preschool now,  it’s still a lot of fun to watch her style evolve. Like any little girl, she loves bright colors and sparkles, and her favorite phrase as of late has been “I don’t like that!”. Lol! (She loves to say this at any opportunity she gets!) #TerrificTwos. But ask her what her favorite color is and she’ll run off a long list (of basically all of them, ha!), so I know I still have a little time to flex my momma preference card.


I’m not a huge shopper, but I often get inspired to update her wardrobe with the change of the seasons and when she goes through growth spurts. And some of my favorite spots to shop for her are Zara, GapKids, Target, Old Navy, & Cotton On Kids. And although I personally like to stick to more neutrals, minimal designs, and modern silhouette’s for her, I’ve found myself gravitating towards more florals and frills this season in an effort to compromise with what she likes as well. I’m bracing myself for the days she’ll want complete autonomy to dress herself *insert monkey covering eyes emoji* and already allowing her to assert her independence in small yet encouraging ways.


I’m also amazed at how much the big retailers are taking notes from Instagram shops & Etsy as of late. A couple have become so adept in keeping their ears to the streets (as I like to say) and they are replicating designs, colors, and trends, at rapid speeds. Of course, y’all know I’m a big believer in shopping small, but sometimes you just can’t purshase every little thing online. So I try to keep a healthy balance.


Enter the flutter-sleeved embodied dress! I’m definitely currently loving the modern designs of classic toddler finds. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Brass Razoo style Rompers & Leather Moccs (I totally blame Pinterest & Instagram!). But now my little isn’t SO little anymore and she is definitely rocking more separates & dresses.

And it’s so funny how just a little tweak here (making a sleeve “flutter” instead of stick straight out) and there (adding tiny amounts of properly placed yarn stitching) can do wonders to re-resurge of an almost ancient technic  (embroidery). Viola! A modern take on a very classic style of dressing toddlers.

This dress is minimal, girly, and slightly bohemian, and and hits all the right style notes for a modern mama like me. It can be dressed up (Like for Easter Sunday at Church) or down (Like an impromptu Mommy-Daughter Date to the beach. I love the way it flows and doesn’t need to be ironed (because ain’t nobody got time for that!). And give it to me in all the colors: bright coral, yellow, or natural linen. This is definitely going to be a spring/summer 17′ staple!

This dress is currently on sale at Old Navy for $20! Shop it in two colors here! And here are a few other dressed I am currently crushing on for Connor too!

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