My Motherhood is… {Happy Mother’s Day}

A little over a week ago my daughter and I were almost hit by a car. We were exiting the bank, walking in the lot holding hands and as we were nearing our car, the driver directly next to our spot began to back up rapidly. His car went from completely off to on & moving so fast! — It was obvious he hadn’t taken any time to look back before he hit “R”. And it was shocking how fast he was moving considering the size of the lot (filled with pedestrians).

Instinctively I picked up Connor as fast as I could to shield her from any blow. (His bumper would have surely met her entire body). And for an adult a hit would have probably been pretty minor, but for a toddler, it could have definitely done some damage. Gratefully he stopped within [mere] inches of reaching us as a women nearby by screamed out. She had watched it all take place from a far.

Once he realized what he had almost done he apologized profusely, of course. I was in so much shock I could barely speak, or even acknowledge his existence. Anger was definitely the next emotion that took over me. And then it quickly melted into so many emotions (including tears)… “What IF he hadn’t stopped in time?!” I almost couldn’t bear the thought just as soon as I thought it. And I earnestly thanked God that that wasn’t so! You see, I knew we had angels surrounding us in that very moment! And one (or two) most SURELY stopped that car. “God Blocked it”!!

But this scenario also made me think of a few other things as well. Thank God I was holding her hand. (She’s at the age where sometimes she likes to try to avoid holding my hand). I’ve been very adamant about teaching her the proper way to cross a street or parking lot. Never to play, wander, or run…

But it also made me think about how fast my Momma instincts kicked in. It’s kind of an overwhelming feeling knowing that I’d literally jump in front of a car for someone. And in many ways I feel like I have a greater understanding for why Christ gave His life for us His children. — 

Everything that they say about being a “mama bear” is true! Motherhood is powerful, it’s vast, and it’s deep. It’s unique and the same. Small but large. It’s singular and a (community) hood. And in honor of Mother’s Day, here’s how I’d sum up my Motherhood:

My Motherhood is prayerful.

My Motherhood is fierce.

My Motherhood is comforting.

My Motherhood is patient.

My Motherhood is not-so patient.

My Motherhood is fun & forever learning.

My Motherhood is everything!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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I’m a wife to my amazing husband (KK) , mother to an adorable & darling daughter named Connor. This is where I like to share my experiences, passion for photography, mommy tips and fashion obsessions!

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