Putting Together A Diverse Kids Summer Reading List

Shameful Mommy Confession: once my daughter started preschool earlier this year I kind of stopped reading to her! *insert ‘see no evil’ monkey emoj*. — We got so wrapped up in developing a new school routine, making sure she was adjusting okay, I settled into a new work from home routine, and the  week nights just seem to fly by so much faster. So our bath time/bedtime/reading routine dwindled to a however she falls asleep routine. (Ugh!) 

A Little Background 

My daughter, Connor is a super fast learner! And before she started school, she had a solid knowledge of the alphabet, how to spell her first & last name,  numbers up to about 30, & my cell phone number! (Yes! She knows my cell phone number!) So why did she began to stutter and second guess certain numbers and letter when I quizzed her? 

Early on I was very deligent about reading to her each night and I could tell this was the big difference in her development.  I had to remind myself that although she was in preschool, at the end of the day it’s our responsibility as her parents to make sure she is continuing to learn. I know what my child is capable of, what’s she’s being exposed to at school, and why her retention had drastically changed. I also realized that at her age consistency is key.

Bring Back The Books

So a few weeks ago, we brought all of her favorite books out again! And within days I saw a big difference! Her excitement to read them each night began to grow and many of the stories took on new meanings. This gave us an allotted time for bonding (just her and I ) each night. And to squeeze in a little extra learning time I keep an activity book in each car she can pull out on  15 – 20 min car rides. (She loves it!)

 So if you have a toddler or an older child I’m sure you already know that reading is fundamental! I believe the stats that say the more you expose them at a young age the better readers, thinkers, speakers, & learners they will be. And with Summer coming up there is a lot of time for learning loss with all of the outdoor activities & adventures we have planned . That’s why I was so excited about what the creators of the WAM! Book Bundle are doing — It’s a wonderful Toddler/Kids Summer Reading option.

WAM! Book Bundles

I first was introduced to one of the co-founders of WAM!, Dee, about year or so ago (via Instagram). She’s a teacher and literacy consultant and she is passionate about teaching children the love of reading! I mean, she has a whole Instagram page dedicated to it!

WAM! Book Bundle is a monthly subscription book service for preschool – children age 10 for $27. I love that they specialize in providing diverse literature and books like this one called Auntie’s Crown. It’s a super cute book about the wedding traditions and customs of a Nigerian family. I also really like that parents can choose the age range & female or male centered stories for their kid.

So whether it be at home, in the car, or at the park, we are committed to taking the the time to continue making reading a priority. 

For more information about WAM! Book Bundles visit www.WamBookBundle.com. And as a gift to all of my readers please enjoy 20% off your first months purchase with my code: ‘KELLEY20‘.

Take Care & Please Enjoy!


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