About Me


Hi! I’m Brittany Kelley! 

I’m a wife to my amazing husband (KK) , & a mother to an adorable & darling daughter named Connor. I have African American, Central American and Caribbean Roots (Trinidad & Belize) but I was born & raised in Southern California. Both have given me a multicultural outlook on life and an affinity for art, food, travel & family. I have a B.S. degree in Information Systems Security but I am currently majoring Motherhood! It’s a sisterhood & journey I wasn’t sure I would be apart of one day, but now I can’t see my life any other way! I am also a freelance photographer and creator & designer of Granaway Turban Co. 

This is where I like to share my photography, family adventures, mommy tips, and obsessions! From time to time you may see paid-for or sponsored posts. This helps to keep this blog running. But please know that I will always only share my genuine thoughts. I hope this blog and my Instagram inspires you! Please feel free to subscribe and follow along!